let yourself be captivated by the magic of the Serval and Caracal cats.


special animals

Serval and Caracal cats are very special animals. There is no limit for our enthusiasm about dealing with them. We would like to give you a better understanding that a Serval also can be an almost ideal domestic animal.


spezial qualities

Serval and Caracal cats can be educated just as tame and obedient as a dog. Going out for pee on a lead fetch, retrieving, to do agility sport and swimming. This and much more makes a Serval as a genuine all-rounder. But the beloved and valued characteristics of a cat are also available. Cuddle and play, have its own head, just be glad. That's only some of it. And also the sweet purr you will not miss with a Serval as a pet.




June 2013

Our new caracal cat Nero

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May .2013

Our new caracal cat Vida

Vida stats

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